SunBeamer in skylight viewed from below.
Image of upcoming SunBeamer installation in the Hall of Timbers at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin.
Three SunBeamers installed in skylight in Vancouver, BC.
Skylight in commercial office building in California.
SunBeamer array in commercial office building in California.
Commercial Installation in California.
Six SunBeamers installed at the Lowline Exhibit, New York.
Close-up view of SunBeamer at Lowline Exhibit, New York.
Canopy array as part of the SunCentral System in Penticton, BC.
Installation at the Okanagan College in Penticton, BC.
View looking up to the SunBeamer canopy array.


A new way to experience sunlight

The SunBeamer™ is a revolutionary lighting product that delivers full-spectrum sunlight to previously inaccessible areas in buildings.


  • Sunlight living walls in a building atrium
  • Provide collimated sunlight for displays and products
  • Distribute daylight to areas inaccessible by skylights or windows
  • Create striking lighting effects below skylights with uplighting/downlighting combinations

How it works

The SunBeamer™ tracks the sun autonomously, maintaining a stationary, collimated beam of light throughout the day. This revolutionary product is used in skylights, atria and with tubular devices to deliver glare-free, full spectrum sunlight to previously inaccessible areas. It is also the tracking component of the SunCentral System™.

Standard and custom lenses and reflectors are available, providing architects and lighting designers with unlimited design possibilities. The SunBeamer™ also provides significant electrical energy savings when coupled with a daylight harvesting system by shutting off electrical lighting when the sun shines.

Features & Benefits

  • Connection to the outdoors using natural sunlight
  • Full spectrum, glare-free illumination
  • Long life, simple, low profile design
  • Easy installation and commissioning
  • Autonomous operation
  • Daylight harvesting made possible with dimmable electric lighting


  • Standard Size: 500 mm diameter
  • Input Voltage: 19V DC
  • Tracking Accuracy: +/- 0.1°
  • Beam Divergence Angle: +/- 0.37°
  • Colour Temperature: Sunlight (Natural Light)
  • Colour Rendering Index: >95


SunBeamer 500 - 1x1 array

SunBeamer™ 1×1 array

SunBeamer™ 1×2 Array

SunBeamer™ 1×3 Array

SunBeamer™ 2×2 array

SunBeamer™ 500 OEM



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