SunBeamer 500 Wins Bronze Spark Design Product Award

SunBeamer 500 Wins Bronze Spark Design Product Award

SunCentral Wins International Spark Design Award

  • Spark Awards Honor Designs that Innovate and Help Humanity or the Environment
  • SunCentral’s SunBeamer 500 Improves the Occupant Experience while Reducing a Building’s Carbon Footprint

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunCentral today announced that it has won the Bronze Spark Design Product Award, an international modern design competition, for its SunBeamer 500, the world’s first web-connected intelligent sun tracker.

Now in its eighth award cycle, Spark Design aims to promote better living through better design. Award criteria included whether the design is innovative, and helps humanity or the environment in some way.

“Spark is a great organization focused on promoting innovative designs that make a difference, which is exactly what we set out to do with our natural sunlighting products,” said Guthrie Cox, CEO of SunCentral. “The SunBeamer 500 brings full-spectrum sunlight to building interiors, helping to create a premium indoor experience by improving occupant comfort, while at the same time reducing a building’s carbon footprint. We are honored that Spark has recognized our efforts with this award.”

The SunBeamer 500 uses optical components that automatically track the sun to deliver full-spectrum, glare-free sunlight to multi-story buildings without significantly altering the structure’s design. Each SunBeamer produces a stationary collimated beam of light throughout the day, which when paired with angle-bending and beam-shaping lenses, redirects natural sunlight deep within a structure.

The SunBeamer 500 can be controlled remotely using the SunBeamer Control Center, an app that allows users to calibrate their SunBeamer 500 without the need for technical assistance. The app can control the position of sunlight harvested by the SunBeamer, making it possible to customize indoor lighting for a variety of purposes, such as shining sunlight on a product feature, keeping struggling plants alive and vibrant indoors, or switching off the light for presentations.

In addition to promoting brighter, more beautiful indoor environments, the SunBeamer 500 assists in reducing energy and HVAC usage by buildings. SunBeamers are supplied in sealed enclosures that filter out more than 99 percent of UV light and 55 percent of unwanted heat, enhancing overall occupant comfort while still supplying the benefits of natural light within buildings interiors.

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