Japanese Partner: U-Vix Corporation

Japanese Partner: U-Vix Corporation

SunCentral Partners with U-Vix Corporation to Bring Intelligent Skylight Products to Japan

$6.25 Million Agreement Will Allow Previously Inaccessible Areas of Multi-Story Commercial and Residential Buildings in Japan to Benefit from Natural Daylight

July 29, 2014 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunCentral today announced it has partnered with U-Vix Corporation, a Tokyo-based UV solutions company, to bring SunCentral’s innovative intelligent skylight products to the Japanese market. Marking SunCentral’s first international expansion outside of North America, the $6.25 million agreement makes U-Vix the exclusive distributor of SunCentral’s SunBeamer™ and SunCentral System™ sunlighting solutions in Japan.“We look forward to working together with U-Vix to help Japanese businesses and residents enhance their built environments and reduce energy consumption through minimized electric lighting.”

U-Vix will work with local architects and builders to integrate SunCentral’s light piping technology to deliver natural daylight deep within multi-story commercial and residential buildings throughout Japan. U-Vix will also seek to integrate SunCentral’s products with its UV technologies to provide both glare-free sunlight and UV LED light sources for growing produce indoors and improving sanitation in built environments.

“Following the devastation of the 2011 tsunami, there is a huge push to be self-sustainable in Japan. As a result, the country has been quick to embrace innovative design solutions that promote this lifestyle,” said Guthrie Cox, CEO of SunCentral. “We look forward to working together with U-Vix to help Japanese businesses and residents enhance their built environments and reduce energy consumption through minimized electric lighting.”

The SunBeamer is an affordable, state-of-the-art system that brings full-spectrum sunlight to the interiors of buildings without significantly altering building design. Using a sophisticated array of mirrors, the SunBeamer continually tracks the sun and directs beams of sunlight to desired locations.

The SunCentral System features SunBeamers integrated within a cantilevered canopy or an atrium to capture and redirect sunlight on any side of a building. The SunCentral System distributes sunlight up to 50 feet within multi-story buildings, resulting in significantly improved light quality and reducing electric lighting load by up to 75 percent during business hours. When sunlight is not available, the SunCentral System provides LED lighting as a substitute.

“SunCentral’s smart lighting solution aligns with our vision to bring a new occupant experience to the Japanese market,” said Dr. Yuko Morito, president and CEO of U-Vix. “With the natural light provided by SunCentral, buildings in Japan will enjoy an environment that facilitates greater productivity and creativity.”

About SunCentral

SunCentral is the leading supplier of premium lighting and sunlighting products for retail, healthcare, office and education facilities. Formed in 2008, SunCentral is headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., with additional offices in Vancouver and Los Angeles. For more information, visit www.suncentralinc.com. Follow us @SunCentral.

About U-Vix Corporation

U-Vix Corporation is a UV technology solutions company located in Tokyo, Japan. U-Vix Corporation was founded by Dr. Yuko Morito, a pioneer of Japan’s photonics market. U-Vix supplies a wide range of UV related products and services to a diverse customer base. U-Vix USA, LLC is located in San Diego, California and is U-Vix’s North American liaison office. For more information, please visit www.u-vix.com.


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