SunCentral Launches New SunBeamer and Mobile App

SunCentral Launches New SunBeamer and Mobile App

SunCentral Launches Second-Generation SunBeamer and Mobile App

  • SunBeamer 500 Is the World’s First Cost-effective, Web-connected Intelligent Sun Tracker
  • SunBeamer Control Center App Gives Users the Ability to Control the Use and Direction of Natural Light in Buildings
  • SunBeamer 500 Delivers Full-spectrum Natural Sunlight Deep Inside Building Interiors

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunCentral today announced the release of its newest product, the SunBeamer 500, the world’s first cost-effective, web-connected intelligent sun-tracking device.

Delivering full-spectrum sunlight to multistory buildings, the SunBeamer 500 uses optical components to automatically track, control and redirect natural sunlight hundreds of feet within a building or structure. The next-generation SunBeamer 500 produces a stationary collimated beam of sunlight throughout the day, and delivers up to 6,400 lumens of sunlight. The device features three axes of control for higher sunlight throughput, and takes up 30 percent less total surface area than its predecessor.

In addition to these performance enhancements, SunCentral has released the SunBeamer Control Center. Using Bluetooth-enabled devices, the app allows users to easily calibrate their SunBeamer 500 and control it remotely, eliminating the need for technical assistance in positioning and commissioning the equipment. Once commissioned, the app can also be used to switch the sunlight on or off and control the position of the light.

“This new app is extremely exciting, because for the first time ever it gives our customers complete control over their SunBeamers,” said Guthrie Cox, CEO of SunCentral. “Imagine being able to, in real time, control the sunlight from your skylights, whether you want to shine the sunlight on a product feature, keep your struggling plants alive and vibrant indoors, or switch off the light for presentations — you can do it all from your mobile device.”

The SunBeamer 500 is now being produced overseas in top-ranked factories, making it possible for the company to manufacture high volumes of the product, while maintaining affordability. With an MSRP of $1,486, the SunBeamer 500 provides a cost-effective method to actively control sunlight deep within buildings. The SunBeamer Control Center app is currently available at the Google Play Store for Android devices, and will soon be available for iOS.

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