SunCentral Completes First European Installation

SunCentral Completes First European Installation

SunCentral Completes First European Installation,
Brings Natural Sunlight to Canadian Embassy in Berlin

  • Previously Shaded by a Taller Structure, 20 SunBeamers Were Installed to Deliver Natural, Full-Spectrum Sunlight to the Timber Hall
  • The SunBeamers Autonomously Track the Sun and Reflect Glare-Free Natural Light into Building Interiors Using a Series of High-Precision, Low-Cost Optics

August 27, 2014 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

VANCOUVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunCentral today announced the completion of its first international project, having successfully installed 20 SunBeamers™ to bring natural sunlight to Timber Hall at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

SunCentral’s SunBeamers bring full-spectrum natural sunlight to previously inaccessible interiors of buildings, without significantly altering building design. Using state-of-the-art optics to capture and bend sunlight, SunCentral is able to redirect natural light into almost any building structure.

“As part of the overall Embassy facility, Timber Hall is an iconic and unique architectural structure and a beautiful space graced with an overhead skylight, but the height of the structure and the shade of surrounding buildings at times created a dark atmosphere,” said Guthrie Cox, CEO of SunCentral. “We were pleased to be able to design a solution that helps shine constant and even daylight into Timber Hall, creating a remarkable experience with this world-class technology. It was a perfect project to mark our entrance into the international market, especially given the significant importance of energy conservation objectives in Europe and how our product can help contribute towards these ambitions.”

SunCentral designed and installed a solution that provides greater sunlight into Timber Hall, which is approximately 60 feet tall and shaded by a 10-story building that blocks the sun and casts a considerable amount of shade throughout the year. The approach was to install 20 SunBeamers on the rooftop of the adjacent building to capture and track all available sunlight and beam it into the lower Timber Hall structure. This has doubled the light levels of the building from 250 lux to 500 lux, and at a consistent level while sunlight is available.

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